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Daring, dynamic and devastatingWest Lothian’s Dictator aren’t here to mess about, at least when it comes to creating nonstop indiepop anthems anyway.

Stepping out of their shell with a substantial stomp in their stride, the fourpiececonsisting of vocalist Michael Campbell, guitarist Zach Tarimo Goodhur, bassist Joe Murty, and drummer Allan Ramsayrefuse to be pigeon holed, as they emphatically strut through a sonic landscape of inventive indie licks, electrifying electronics, and perfectly prodigious pop grooves.

Forming as a group of musicians from similar circuits simply seeking solace in jam sessions, what first blossomed in a small studio room represented recreational creative release, before blooming into a band of boundarybulldozers producing colossal singalongs for the masses. With inspiration drawn from fellow genredefiers: Gorrilaz, Glass Animals and AltJ among others, Dictator’s musical boundaries know no limitsinstead conveying their collectively charismatic personalities via the medium of originality and experimentation and channelled through a series of sumptuous synths, boneshaking basslines, brash beats and playfulcumtender lyricism.

Make no mistake, everything you hear is intentional, dictating notes to their needs purposefully to deliver euphoric, upbeat choruses with just a dollop of heartbreak in between.

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